Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I become a Chrome Diva?
A:  Just click on Register on the Home Page of our web site. Membership is $25 initial membership fee which includes a Chrome Diva member patch.  Annual membership renewal dues are $15.  You must join the National organization if you wish to join a local chapter.

Q:  What if I forget to pay my National renewal membership?  Is there a grace period?
A:  There is a 20 day grace period to renew your membership with National.  You will be emailed 30 days prior to your membership expiration.  Then you will receive two more reminders within the month.  If your membership renewal of $15 is not received within the 20 day grace period, you will have to rejoin as a new member at the rate of $25.  We strongly encourage our members to renew their membership online to ensure there is no lapse in renewing.  If you mail a check to the P.O. Box, be sure to mail your payment as far in advance as possible to compensate for the additional time it takes to process your payment.  Payment via  check take 2 - 4 weeks for processing.  

Q:  How do I join a chapter? 
A:  To join a Chrome Diva chapter go to the chapter page and contact the Director using the email address provided.  You may consider attending one of the chapter events to meet everyone.

Q:  How do I start a Chrome Diva chapter in my area? 
A:  Information for starting a new chapter is available by clicking Chapter Information, Staring a Chapter.

Q: How do I renew my chapter's registration? 
Annual bylaw review and chapter registration occur during the first quarter of each year.  Chapters are sent a link to submit annual bylaws and upon acceptance, chapters are able to renew their chapter dues online.

Q:  Do I have to ride my own bike to be a Chrome Diva?
A:  You do not have to ride your own bike to be a member of Chrome Divas. We have members who prefer to be passengers as well as members who do not ride at all but wanted to join to participate in the fun and camaraderie.

Q:  Is the Chrome Divas a Motorcycle Club? 
A:  No. Chrome Divas is not a "MC". We are a social organization for female motorcyclists to come together to ride and have fun.  We, as an organization, support motorcycling and the freedom of motorcycling but we do not endorse any other group or organization; however we do respect the rights of our members to do so on an individual basis.

The Chrome Divas promote "riding and having fun" , also giving back to the community. We were formed for ladies who desired a place to meet up with fellow lady riders and is a conduit for members to get together to ride together.

Q:  Can men participate in Chrome Diva events? 
A:  As for our male friends, our husbands, boyfriends and family members play a big part in Chrome Divas. We are always recruiting their assistance when it comes to fundraisers and having fun. In fact, we have been known to call our significant others "Diva Dudes". They are pretty good about accepting this title. However, the monthly meetings are for women only.  

Q:  The Chrome Divas are a not-for-profit organization. What does this mean?
A:  501(c)(7) corporation is a "social club” that's granted nonprofit status by the IRS, a special designation that exempts it from some federal taxes. By law, a 501(c)(7) "social club” must be organized for "pleasure, recreation and other similar non-profitable purposes." As with all 501(c) corporations, a 501(c)(7) "social club” cannot generate profits for its owners. The organization must derive at least 65 percent of its gross income from membership dues. We are not a charity organization and do not accept donations.

Q:  Are Chrome Diva chapters covered under the 501(c)(7)? 
A:  No, chapters maintain their own bank accounts and operate independently of Chrome Divas, Inc.

Q:  Can I print Chrome Divas T-shirts for sale in my area? 
A:  Any use of the National Chrome Divas logo is prohibited. Chapter and National merchandise can only be purchased through Chrome Divas' exclusive vendors.  Contact us for more information on placing your order.  Chapters also can request approval to use the chapter logo on flyers, banners, or chapter promotional material via the online logo request in the Members Only area.     

Q:  Can my chapter have an alternate web site other than the one provided by Chrome Divas, Inc.? 
A:  Yes, but it is considered a secondary site and the Chrome Diva address remains the official chapter address. The secondary site must prominently display a link to the official chapter page on the National site. You may NOT use the National logo and chapters MUST keep the official chapter page updated.

Q:  How can I become a sponsor of an event? 
A:  The Chrome Divas are busy raising awareness and funds for various charities. If you would like to be a sponsor of an event, please contact a chapter in your area. A contact email address is provided on each chapter page. To find a chapter, go to www.chromedivas.com and click on Chapter Information. Choose your state and a list of chapters will appear.

Q:  Are all the events on the events calendar Chrome Diva events? 
A:  No. Some chapters help local charities advertise their events. The Chrome Divas try to be present at local events as well as help spread the word of upcoming events.