Membership Terms



Chrome Diva Membership Terms and Conditions

Chrome Divas chapter status entitles chapter members to:
  • A chapter page via the Chrome Divas website and access to advanced features on Chrome Divas web site
  • Annual renewal certificate and gift for chapter board of directors
  • Ability to send e-mail to members
  • Create/Post Events on Calendar
  • Post Pictures & Create Profile pages
  • Stay connected to other chapters via virtual meetings and regional events

Chrome Divas National membership entitles individual members to:
  • One year membership to Chrome Divas - New members receive a patch and official membership card!
  • Pre-registration and access to events such as regional and national conventions, meet and greets, and virtual meetings
  • Members only access to connect with members
  • Ability to search and request to join or start your own local chapter
  • Chrome Divas online store access and member only discounts
  • Attend local chapter meetings as a guest
Chapter registration fees as well as individual dues are used to support the Chrome Divas organization where all e-mails are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible and members are assisted personally with questions and concerns whenever possible. The Board of Directors and Regional Directors work hand-in-hand with local chapters.
Chapter registration fees as well as National membership dues are paid annually and are non-refundable. 

 Members of Chrome Divas must:
  • Agree that shall you decide to remove yourself from the organization, you will do so in a respectful manner.
  • Agree that you are aware that the members of Chrome Divas, Inc. are its members.
  • Agree you will not solicit the membership of Chrome Divas, Inc. for membership in another organization nor will you seek to form another organization which bares a name similar to Chrome Divas or construed as being affiliated with the organization of Chrome Divas.
  • Adhere to the Social Media policy
Members of Chrome Divas must not:
  • Engage in negotiations with any third party on behalf of Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • Use the words "Chrome Diva” or "Chrome Divas” or its logo except as what is permitted in the logo usage policy. Any member who uses the name or logo to promote any commercial product or service will be discharged from the organization and any dues paid will be forfeited.
  • Distribute any type of printed materials in the name of Chrome Divas which has not been supplied or given previous approval by Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • Use the name Chrome Diva or Chrome Divas, the Chrome Diva logo, or any other intellectual property belonging to Chrome Divas, Inc. in conjunction with any unethical, immoral or otherwise inappropriate agencies or affiliations.
  • Use information from this web site (www.chromedivas.com) or from "The Diva Message Board" to form e-mail "spam" lists or solicitation lists of any kind, or related to any activity or event.
  • Use their Chrome Diva affiliation as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products or services.
  • Use any of the content of this web site on any other web site or printed material for any purpose without prior written permission from Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • Use "The Diva Message Board", Chrome Diva Classified Ads, and/or any other vehicle of communication provided on this web site to harass, misinform, mislead or confuse others.
  • Violate the Event Policies of Chrome Divas as stated on this web site. Present their chapter as part of an independent organization. A chapter must always present itself as a chapter of Chrome Divas. If the chapter has a chapter web site, the chapter name indicating its affiliation with Chrome Divas and a link to www.chromedivas.com must be prominently displayed on the first page, without any "scrolling" necessary. Third-party web sites must specifically state the chapter's name and not just "Chrome Divas.” Chapter logos must be used on third-party site to represent chapter affiliation – not to be confused as Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • Use their Chrome Diva affiliation to solicit membership in an organization which appears to be in direct competition with, or to be an infringement upon the intellectual property of, Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • Chrome Divas, Inc. reserves all rights to terminate Chapter status based on a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions and/or for improprieties which give the appearance of a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions. Chapter fees and/or membership fees will be forfeited by the offending chapter/member(s) in the case of discontinued chapter/membership service.
  • Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in legal action by Chrome Divas, Inc. and/or the discontinuance of any or all Chrome Diva services. Chapter fees and / or membership fees will be forfeited by the offending member(s) in the case of discontinued membership service.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice.