Licensing Agreement


Licensing Agreement Application 

Brand identity is very important to Chrome Divas™ and is a registered trademark of Chrome Divas, Inc.

Please read the following and submit your information on the form below.  Submission of this form does not guarantee approval.  Please allow 10 days for processing.  Upon which, you will receive an email notifying you of your status.

This form is to be completed by vendors only

Chrome Divas will contact you regarding approval of your request

All approved vendors must email a copy of final invoice to Chrome Divas, Inc. to info@chromedivas.com which includes a .jpg of the design produced, description and quantity of item(s) produced, chapter for which services were rendered and total.

Chapters are responsible for payment of final invoice and Chrome Divas, Inc. is not financially obligated to pay invoices.

All of our marks, logos and phrases are copyrighted and protected by law. For our protection and the protection of our authorized vendors, we actively protect our trademarks and copyrights and prosecute infringement to the full extent of the law. 

Term: The Term of this agreement shall be valid for one (1) year from date of acceptance and is a LIMITED nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use and/or produce merchandise for a single Chrome Diva chapter with the approved chapter logo.

Use Limitations:  

(a) Licensee may produce t-shirts with the approved chapter logo without obtaining prior authorization.
(b) Licensee must obtain approval to produce merchandise other than t-shirts baring the approved chapter logo by completing the request to use logo online submission.  Each request will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.  

Property: Licensee agrees to use ONLY the authorized Chrome Diva™ chapter logo on any merchandise ordered by the chapter in which is listed herein and in no way will alter the design (except for background color) unless approved in writing by Chrome Divas, Inc.  Any merchandise,created with the chapter logo, shall be requested by the chapter online at www.chromedivas.com with the “Request to Use Logo” online submission.  All requests will receive an approval or denial in writing and it is Licensee’s responsibility to ensure that approval has been granted by Licensor prior to production of any merchandise bearing the Chrome Diva™ name. 

Authorized Chapter Logo: The licensee accepts the responsibility of verifying authorization for the use of the chapter logo in question with Chrome Divas, Inc.  Merchandise created will be delivered only to an authorized member of the chapter listed above. 

Payment of Services: Licensee agrees that the Chrome Diva chapter listed above will be solely responsible for payment of merchandise. In the case of non-payment by the chapter, Chrome Divas, Inc. does not accept responsibility for payment but should be notified of any action taken to collect. 

Resale of Articles: Licensee agrees to refrain from mass producing, marketing and selling of merchandise produced for the sanctioned Chrome Diva chapter and agrees to respect other members of the Chrome Diva retail family and not diminish the Chrome Diva brand by selling licensed items in a discount or online outlet. 

Quality of Articles: Licensee agrees that the articles covered by this Agreement shall be of a high standard and of such style, appearance and quality as to be adequate and suited to their exploitation to the best advantage and to the protection and enhancement of the Property and the goodwill pertaining thereto.

No Partnership or Joint Venture: This Agreement does not constitute either party the agent of the other, or create a partnership or joint venture between the parties, and Licensee shall have no power to obligate or bind Licensor in any manner whatsoever. 

Construction: This Agreement, whenever called upon to be construed, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. 

Amendments Must Be in Writing: No waiver or modification of any of the terms of this Agreement shall be valid unless by an express agreement in writing subscribed by the parties hereto. No waiver by either party of a breach or a default hereunder shall be deemed a waiver by such party of a subsequent breach or default of like or similar nature. 

Dissolution of Agreement: Licensor reserves the right to discontinue and/or refuse service and product to any person or business at any time for any reason.

Except for rights licensed hereunder by Licensor to Licensee, Licensee hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Licensor and/or any of its related entities or officers, directors or employees harmless against any and all claims, demands, causes of action and judgments arising out of Licensee's design, manufacture, distribution, shipment, advertising, promotion, offering for sale and/or sale of the Property and/or the promotional and packaging material or out of any act by Licensee not authorized herein.  With respect to the foregoing indemnity, Licensee agrees to defend and hold Licensor and parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, and officers, directors and employees harmless at no cost or expense to Licensor whatsoever including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees and court costs. Licensor shall have the right to defend such action or proceeding with attorneys of its own selection and satisfactory to Licensee.

Licensing Agreement Application