Request to Use Chapter Logo Application

By filling out and submitting this application online, the applicant named in this form understands that completion of this application does not guarantee that a Chrome Diva Chapter Logo Usage Contract will be granted.  Please allow 2 weeks for approval.  Provide as much detail as possible in order to expedite the decision.  Please upload any files containing images of the artwork you are seeking approval for. If your request is denied, reason for denial will be supplied in a timely manner. Chapters must have a licensing agreement, signed by the vendor, on file with Chrome Divas, Inc. before allowing any chapter merchandise to be produced.  Vendors producing chapter merchandise must be pre-approved with a licensing agreement on file. Before you submit the application, check to see if your vendor is already an approved vendor.
  • The trademark Chrome Divas, Inc. may not be altered in any way and cannot be used in combination with any other words or graphics. 
  • The name Chrome Divas is trademarked and exclusive to Chrome Divas, Inc.
  • The approved chapter logo will be used in conjunction with the official chapter name on any materials relating to chapter activities.  The chapter logo must not be altered in any way; color changes will be considered when requested.
  • Merchandise with the Chrome Divas, Inc. National logo must be purchased through the Chrome Divas website at www.chromedivas.com. Chapters are prohibited from creating any merchandise with the National logo.
  • Chrome Divas, Inc. at its sole discretion, may terminate the chapter's limited license to use the approved chapter logo, at any time, with thirty (30) days notice in writing.  The chapter will immediately terminate all use of the trademarks when the notice becomes effective.
  • Logo requests including terms associated with MCs will not be approved; i.e.; "supporter."  We may approve "Diva Believer", "Diva Advocate" and other non-MC related terms.
  • Logo requests must include your chapter name and logo and be tasteful and representative of our positive image.
Chapter Logo Application